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Drive Operational and Financial productivity with three distinct offerings.

Measure. Manage. Monetise.


Real-time Energy and Sustainability reporting across your entire business.

Measure decisions.png

Keep ahead of the game and make better operational decisions.

Measure specialist.png

Specialist billing and compliance (e.g. solar) options.

Measure analytics.png

Analytics and bespoke fault reporting on your solar, battery and air con systems.

Unleash the data in your business.


Lower energy bills and better Sustainability outcomes 

Manage outcomes.png

Asset level Automation, 'Demand Management' and 'Demand Response' gives you better Financial, Energy and Sustainability outcomes.

Manage AI.png

Software and wireless hardware solutions designed for your business, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to keep evolving with you.

Manage connected.png

Turn every asset in your business into a smart, connected network that can be centrally or locally controlled.

Rapid implementation so your business can benefit straight away.


Get paid to keep the lights on.

Monetise energy into money.png

Turn Energy into Money using the assets already in your business.

EaaR® Energy-as-a-Revenue.

Monetise use less.png

Get paid for using less energy for short periods of time (usually 5-30 minutes).

Monetise managed.png

Managed by DNA Energy and your Energy Retailer (you can opt out at any time).

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