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In conjunction with CSIROARENAAIRAH and the University of Wollongong, the wireless DNA Energy system has been tested as being suitable to participate in 5 minute settlement wholesale price arbitrage and FCAS by controlling air conditioning in commercial buildings. 

Key benefits are customer revenues, lower energy bills and a host of technical solutions that help the energy grid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

This is a truly ground breaking project that uses existing assets in a business to create revenues and better sustainability outcomes.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Case Study

Chicken burger.jpeg

A six site rollout to demonstrate the capability of DNA Energy.

Multiple outcomes are being achieved; control and visualisation of restaurant temperature, optimised air con usage and demand management for lower energy bills, Virtual Power Plant simulation for future revenue streams.

Global fast food chain


This well known supermarket chain needed to control it's new air con system and a DNA Energy system was just the ticket.

In addition, we've installed sensors inside the building to monitor temperature and will also be integrating the seven year old 100kW solar PV system into the dashboard so the customer can see what free energy is being generated.

Supermarket chain

Working closely with the customer (a major Aged Care provider) and their Energy Retailer, this groundbreaking project will see wireless control of the site's entire air con system via the energy retailer's trading room.

250kW of power will be operational in the VPP for an installed cost of less than $30k. At less than 10% of the cost of a solar + battery system, this changes the landscape of how VPPs are delivered.

Coming soon!

Virtual Power Plant (VPP)


The customer had a concern that there was not enough power supply to the building and fuses might start blowing without a supply upgrade.

A wireless DNA Energy system was instead installed and the customer saved $90k in offset capital upgrades.

Arcare Seven Hills

Covering six separate commercial sites, DNA Energy systems are being installed on Sungrow Energy Storage System (ESS) inverters.

A real-time read-write API will be provided to the system operator, who will provide charge and dispatch signals to the systems based on their own algorithm requirements. 

This system demonstrates DNA Energy's flexibility in providing a bespoke customer solution to ensure their outcomes are achieved.

Coming soon!

Multi site battery controls


As part of an air conditioning upgrade, the customer was advised by the electricity network operator that an infrastructure upgrade was required.

A wireless DNA Energy system was approved as a suitable alternative and the customer saved over $65k in offset costs by installing smart controls instead of an upgraded supply.

St Brendan's Catholic Primary School Moorooka


Multiple customers with sub metering to assess asset and distribution board energy. 

Monthly reporting shows peak demands, power factor and consumption patterns.

Also used in body corporates to assess if EV charging is possible.

Council swimming pool, airport

This expansive RSL wants to get control of spiralling energy bills. 

A wireless DNA Energy system is being installed to lower demand charges, control EV chargers, provide air con automation and monitor the solar PV system in a whole-of-site control strategy.

This system will be a landmark demonstration of how Clubs can operate a smart energy environment.

Coming soon!

Murray River RSL

OHB photo.jpeg

The customer wanted some analysis done on the site's air con system and how much power it was using.

A wireless DNA Energy system with asset level metering was installed. It was discovered that some sub metering was showing false values. The problem was then rectified by DNA Energy.

Ozcare Hervey Bay

Border Express Underwood.jpeg

The customer required multi channel metering and data provision from 18 3-phase circuits.

DNA Energy's system connects the site to the DNA Energy Command Centre.

Border Express Underwood


Metering was required at this site to understand data flow on some compressors, air conditioning and the Huawei solar PV system.

DNA Energy's system provided a hardware and software combination, as well as all the data on an API for the customer's agent.

Olive Grove

This unique site is set up to operate as a dual Virtual Power Plant.

With 700kW of solar on the roof and 300kW of air con load in the building, the DNA Energy system is configured to dynamically control the solar when spot prices are negative, and ramp control the air con when spot prices are high.

Another ground breaking project.

Coming soon!

Dual Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

This customer wanted Building Management System (BMS) functionality at a fraction of the price, to control older air con units with no smarts.

A wireless DNA Energy system is being installed with DNA Energy wireless environmental sensors also installed around the building. This allows central air con control and an estimated 10% energy consumption reduction. The solar PV system is also being monitored for performance and fault logs through the DNA Energy Modbus Integrator.

Coming soon!

NSW Central Tablelands RSL

This Child Care site was facing multiple obstacles in getting an upgraded energy supply, without which it couldn't be built.

Local resident pushback of overhead lines and a potential $200k supply upgrade were replaced by a $10k DNA Energy demand management system.

Coming soon!

Child Care

Wamuran photo.jpeg

Before construction started on the site, the electricity network operator advised the consulting engineers that the site needed more power supply.

A wireless DNA Energy system was approved as a suitable alternative and the customer saved over $50k in offset costs by installing smart controls instead of an upgraded supply.

This was the first DNA Energy installation and it has been running since February 2019.

Beaumont Care Wamuran

This forward thinking customer has a long term strategy focused on using technology to create better ESG outcomes and get a handle on escalating energy bills.

A wireless DNA Energy system, including DNA Energy wireless environmental sensors, is being installed to optimise energy usage and provide asset level data on the air con and solar systems.

Coming soon!

Leading Aged Care Providor

Untitled design.png

A wireless DNA Energy system was tested to conform to solar inverter export limit response times.

A number of tests were conducted that pushed the DNA Energy system outside of its design parameters. 

The test was successful and the system was found to respond in under 500 milliseconds, meeting the export limit requirements.

Solar Export Case Study

This large distribution warehouse required multi channel metering for Green Star reporting.

A DNA Energy system is being installed, with real-time reporting and analytics on mechanical, electrical, water and solar circuits.

Each metered point will be shown real-time on the DNA Energy Command Centre

Coming soon!

Green Star Warehouse Metering

The customer had a number of objectives; lower energy bills, managing load as a new wing had been built; use innovative technology to create a 'smart education hub'.

An expansive wireless DNA Energy system is being install across 140 air con systems.

Coming soon!

Melbourne School

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