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Q. If you control my air conditioning, won't it get too warm or cold in my building?

A. No. We can install wireless environmental sensors inside your building to give you more peice of mind. We can also integrate with your HVAC system to read building temperature, if it has that capability.

Q. Will your wireless network impact our comms system?

A. No. Our encrypted, proprietary wireless mesh network operates separately to anything at your site. This means that you have no security or firewall concerns.

Q. So you can meter or control anything..?

A. Yes, we have a hardware or software solution that turns all your assets into smart, connected devices - even older units that don't have 'smarts'.

Q. Who manages the system? We don't have the time or resource for it.

A. All good. We offer a fully managed service (you can also operate it if you want).

Q. Sounds expensive, how much will a DNA Energy system cost me?

A. All our systems are bespoke designed, but as a guide it'll be about 10% of the cost of a Building Management System or 20% of the cost of batteries.

Q. I'm thinking of getting batteries, will your system work with them?

A. Sure will. We can control your battery (most models) and optimise it by controlling loads (like air con, hot water or pumps). This will get more bang for buck out of your battery and extend it's life.

Q. Is your Energy and Sustainability reporting suitable for Board or Management meetings?

A. Yes. You'll get real-time, asset level reporting across your building portfolio. Each month we'll send you an easy to read report that summarises system performance, including analysis on any solar or batteries you have.

Q. We already have a Building Management System (BMS), do I still need a DNA Energy system?

A. Yes. We can add a layer of sophistication to your system by connecting it to the energy grid for lower energy bills and revenue opportunities. We can also perform a lot of BMS duties if you don't have one.

Q. I've heard of Demand Management and Virtual Power Plant, is that what you do?

A. Yes. Demand Management and Virtual Power Plant is at the heart of what we do. We can use the assets already in your business (like air con or pumps) as well as batteries.

Q. Where are your control products made?

A. Our products are assembled right here in sunny Queensland. Where possible, we source materials from Australia.

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